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DataExpert Corporation Released
The Standard Pentium II Motherboard
for Mainstream PC Users

Date: March, 1998

Based on Intel Pentium II 82400LX motherboard, MLX8440-0A/0B is the second version of LX motherboard and is positioned to be the solution for mainstream PC users.

DataExpert Corporation released the advanced version of LX motherboard that benefits mainstream PC users by adding valuable features. This Intel Pentium II Process, Slot 1 based MLX8440-0A/0B is operating at 233~333MHz. For the users' convenience purpose, DataExpert uses a plug and play Flash ROM for the system BIOS so that users can update the BIOS very easily and conveniently. Furthermore, MLX8440-0A/0B is also equipped with "Intelligent Hardware Monitor", which supports CPU/Power Fan status monitoring and alarm, CPU voltage, system temperature monitoring. This temperature worry-free design remains your PC an always "Cool" PC. It is also an energy-saving design for better power-management and system control, which extends the life cycle of your PC. Find all these valuable features in DataExpert motherboard series.

Based on 10-year experience and expertise, DataExpert Corporation designs the products with human technology. To make users enjoying our products is the happiest thing in our career. Due to this intention, DataExpert Corporation set a FAQ Forum on our internet home page. We hope to take the advantage of the convenience of Internet to share more information with our customers. Welcome to our homepage:

Established in 1987,Dataexpert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced motherboards, graphics and video add-on cards. The company’s sales revenue totalled over US$132 million in 1996 and its capital now is US$16,200,000. The company brand name, ExperColor is well recognized globally and has built up its excellent reputation in both quality and customer satisfactory.

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