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MLX8440 Motherboard from DataExpert Corporation

Date: January, 1998

DataExpert Corporation, a leading company in designing and manufacturing Intel Pentium-MMX, Pentium-II-based motherboards, VGA cards, sound cards and video conferencing kits, has brought a new Intel 82440LX-chipset-based motherboard to the market. The new AGP-supporting model, MLX8440, is equipped with one 32-bit AGP slot, supports both 3.3V EDO-DRAM and SDRAM. In addition, it automatically slows down the CPU clock speed if the CPU is detected overheated.

DataExpert’s MLX8440 adopts ATX form factor and incorporates four PCI 2.1-compliant Local Bus slots and three 16-bit ISA Bus slots. The Slot 1 CPU interface on board supports High Efficiency Switching Power Supply.

Established in 1987, DataExpert Corporation is a vertically integrated company specializes in total multimedia solutions. In addition to MLX8440 motherboard, DataExpert also offers other Pentium-II, Pentium-Pro and Pentium-MMX multimedia motherboards with a complete range of non-Intel system chipsets. The ExpertColor product series are designed to meet a wide range of multimedia needs. For more product information and current prices, please contact our sales personnel now at: 886-2-2019-1719.

Established in 1987,Dataexpert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced motherboards, graphics and video add-on cards. The company’s sales revenue totalled over US$132 million in 1996 and its capital now is US$16,200,000. The company brand name, ExperColor is well recognized globally and has built up its excellent reputation in both quality and customer satisfactory.

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