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DataExpert Corporation Released

Date: May, 1998

As one of ATI's qualified manufacturers, DataExpert Corporation worked out the VGA card, 3DMercury, coupled with RAGE IIC chipset. 3DMercury with AGP architecture is DataExpert's version of limited ATI-qualified, high performance graphics card.

DRG5R2C is an AGP-based 3D acceleration graphics card which complies with both SLOT1 and Socket 7 motherboards construction. 3DMercury is positioned at basic PC with high performance and compatibility which meets the critical requirements of r the system integrators and OEM. Though a cost-effective solution, 3Dmercury allows high quality of 3D performance across an entire entry level product range. Since ATI is the first one deliver hardware DVD motion-compression to the market, DRG5R2C coupled with ATIR Rage IIC chipset is equipped with this valuable function. In other words, the entry level users will benefit the amazing DVD output from ExpertColor's 3DMercury. In addition to this precious feature, you will also find a very user-friendly feature from the very beginning of the installation. ExpertColor's 3DMercury is packed with a multi-language driver which localizes 20 different languages. This unique software design makes you trouble-free in reading a language, which is not familiar to you.

DataExpert Corporation has been dedicated in developing the VGA card design from both hardware and software because the Company intends to bring the most human design to the market. The efforts and the Company's potential have been recognizing by ATI as well as the markets around the world. Get this valuable and cost-effective VGA card from DataExpert now!

Established in 1987,Dataexpert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced motherboards, graphics and video add-on cards. The company’s sales revenue totalled over US$132 million in 1996 and its capital now is US$16,200,000. The company brand name, ExperColor is well recognized globally and has built up its excellent reputation in both quality and customer satisfactory.

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