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DataExpert DSV5357 VGA Card Wins
"Symbol of Excellence"

Date: January, 1998

During the New Year season, the 3D graphics market is dominated by PC games. When looking for quality VGA cards with outstanding 3D functionality, every experienced and savvy buyer will undoubtedly shop for the winner of "Symbol of Excellence 1997" awarded by China External Trade Development Council (CETRA). DataExpert's newly released S3 ViRGE/GX2-AGP-based video card DSV5357 has outperformed its competitors by winning this prestigious reward.

DataExpert's DSV5357 is designed to support AGP bus. Another model, DSV6357, adopting the same S3 ViRGE/GX2 chipset, is launched simultaneously to support PCI bus. Both models feature high-performance 64-bit 2D/3D graphics engine with dual-view TV-out function, backing fast 3D multimedia accelerators of next generation for 3D games and business applications. The ViRGE/GX2 graphics and multimedia accelerator integrates 170Mhz true-color RAMDAC to provide resolutions and refresh rates up to 1280X1024@85Mhz and 1600X1200@60Hhz. With tripled performance and full 30 frames per second, ViRGE/GX2 gives you high quality images by conforming to VTSC/PAL TV-output standard with 3-line flicker filter that ensures stable display on TV.

DSV5357 & 6357 comply with Windows95 Plug & Play, Direct 3D, DDC1/DDC2B, and OpenGL. Both models have advanced MIP mapping and tri-linear filtering to deliver images free from annoying visual artifacts such as sparkle and jaggies. When it comes to visual presentations, DataExpert's video card is always your best choice. Contact us NOW via the following numbers and start showing your true colors with ExpertColor.

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Established in 1987,Dataexpert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced motherboards, graphics and video add-on cards. The company’s sales revenue totalled over US$132 million in 1996 and its capital now is US$16,200,000. The company brand name, ExperColor is well recognized globally and has built up its excellent reputation in both quality and customer satisfactory.

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