Comdex Fall 1997
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DataExpert's Multimedia Home at L3357, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Date: October, 1997

For the most competitive new or main stream multimedia technology update, check out DataExpert's booth in Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth L3357.

A Whole New World of Multimedia with ExpertColor

With the downward price pressure on PC hardware, and the increased popularity of Internet, computers nowadays have entered the gray zone of high-tech household appliances. Together with a TV monitor, and a "cable" box with modem, web-potatoes have all the information at their fingertips.

From 3D stereo entertainment in games and movies to shopping via the Internet, leading VGA and multimedia add-on cards technology from DataExpert will take you to the most enjoyable experience possible.

A New Perspective of Sound and Color, presented with our strategic partners in R&D design teams, as well as IBM and S3

As the one of the world's largest of S3-chip-based VGA card manufacturer, DataExpert's products enjoy 4% of the world's total VGA cards market and 9% of the world's clone system assembler market. Through strategic partner IBM's leading application software, DataExpert empowers our buyers to enjoy competitive market advantages from the maximum integration of two leading hardware and software providers.

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