Your Guide to a Fruitful Visit to Computex Taipei 98
As you know the one of the three biggest IT industry exhibition, Computex Taipei 1998, is around the corner and will be held from the 2nd to 6th of June at Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan. Never been to Taiwan before? Don't worry! Read the following information before you take off and you will have a good time at Taiwan. If you need further information or assistance, please feel free to contact our sales representatives or e-mail me. Our booth number is D534, Taipei World Trade Center. Come and visit us!
General information about Taiwan
Capital Taipei
Area 13,969 Sq. miles
Major Cities and Population Taipei : 2.7Mil Kaosiung : 1.4Mil
Taichung : 805K Tainan : 698K
People Population 21,465,881 (July 1996 est.)
Ethnic Groups Taiwanese 84%, Mainland Chinese 14%,
inhabitant 2%
Religions Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian 93%
Christian 4.5% other 2.5%
Age Structure 0~24 years : 41% 25~34 years : 18%
35~64 years : 33% 65 years : 7%
Exchange Rate NT$32.99=US$1.00 (Based on exchange rate on 4/26)
Industries Electronics, chemicals, textiles and other heavy
& light industry products
We suggest you contact TWTC Exhibition Hall Travel Service Center
TEL : 886-2-20191111 ext.598 FAX : 886-2-20195187
Or go check Hotel and Travel in Taiwan website
The climate is subtropical in Taiwan with average annual temperatures of 21.7
J(71.2K) in the north and 24.1J(75.7K) in the south. During the early June, light summer clothing will be appropriate during the daytime. Be ready for the possibility of heavy rain and the certainty of high humidity.
Sightseeing in Taipei
Like other international city, you can see skyscraper everywhere in Taipei. Since Taiwan is strongly influenced by Confucianism and Buddhism, many colorful temples could be found here, too. Many ancient Chinese customs and holidays are still observed in Taiwan. If you arrived at Taiwan before the 30th of May, you can enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival. See the boat racing and eat the tzungtzu, rice dumplings filled with ham or bean paste and wrapped in bamboo leaves.
Basic Mandarin You Will Need in Taiwan
How are you ? Nel Hau
Thank you ! Shie Shie
Sorry! Duei Bu Chi
I wanna go to (airport). Uo Iau Chiu (Ji Chang).
World Trade Center Sh Mau Jong Shin
Hotel Fann Diann
Airport Ji Chang
Restaurant Chan Ting
How much ? Dwo Shao Chyan
Where to find us - DataExpert Corp. ?
Booth Location G D534, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
Company Address G 5F, 75, Hsin Tai Wu Road., 1, His-chih,
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Company Phone G 886-2-20191719
Company Fax G 886-2-20191747