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DataExpert Corporation Announced
3DVenus for "Business Ready"

Date: May, 1998

As a professional VGA card vendor who offers a complete line of selection, DataExpert announced the latest VGA card for "Business Ready" segment, named 3Dvenus, DSV5366. It is a VGA card designed as a high performance 2D/3D AGP graphics acceleration for the mainstream multimedia PC market. Its built-in 128-bit graphics engine and 230MHz RAMDAC bandwidth result in highly efficiency 2D performance. Meanwhile, this result satisfies the power user and business users’ needs in their office. The outstanding 2D performance is obviously as the following chart shows:

WinBench 98 2D WinMark

Besides the excellent 2D performance, 3DVenus is equipped with impressive 3D features, such as MIP-Mapping, Tri-linear Filter, Transparency, Fog and Depth Cueing, as well as Z-Buffering. In addition to the mentioned 3D features, you can also enjoy "Dual Display" and "MPEGII/DVD" playback under Windows98 system. You will enjoy your work with high efficiency 2D/3D effects and entertainment simultaneously with 3DVenus from DataExpert Corporation. Get contact with DataExpert Corporation for instant service NOW!

Established in 1987,Dataexpert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced motherboards, graphics and video add-on cards. The company’s sales revenue totalled over US$132 million in 1996 and its capital now is US$16,200,000. The company brand name, ExperColor is well recognized globally and has built up its excellent reputation in both quality and customer satisfactory.

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