Windows 95 Plug & Play MPEG VGA Accelerator
Software MPEG Play-back VIdeo and Graphics Accelerator with GAMMA Correction.
Support 800x600 16.7M color 72Hz with BetterHalfTM Memory Saving Technology.
Support Motion VIdeo Playback at 1024x768 resolution True Color with 1 MB Memory.
ExpertColorTM VGA Panel for DOS/Windows 3.1/Windows 95/NT. Software "Xing" MPEG Decoder for Microsoft DCFTM Motion Video/Windows 95 Direct Draw Protocol, VIDEO for Windows & QuickTime for Windows.
Support Popular Video Playback Formats for MPEG,AVI,CD-i 2.0,VCD & Indeo.

Expert Color DSV6422P MOtion VIdeo Accelerator enables software codes to achieve 30 fps Full-screen playback with no additional hardware. DSV6422P accomplishes this is feat by offloading the CPU intensive tasks of scaling and color space conversion, and by minimizing the memory bandwidth required for diisplay of decompressed video data. With DSV6422P MultiMedia User Interface MMUI bundled advanced desktop graphic utility called Direct Chair (DC),the User-Friendly Control Panel will helps you to configure your desktop display professionally easy. Only very high-end graphic card will provide you this utility.

DSV6422P Video Design manages a hardware motion video windows, the V Windows, whose data is stored in an off-screen area of the standard frame buffer memory. When displaying the V Windows, the controller strectches by programmable X and Y factors ranging from 1.01 to 255.0 Proprietary. interpolation and anti-blocking circuity enchances the quality of scaled low-resolution images. Motion video may be in pseudo_color,RGB,or YUV format (4:2:2, 4:1:1, or 4:0:0).DSV6422P design will converts YUV data to RGB "on the fly" for display in photorelistic color. DSV6422P advanced architecture permits full 24-bit color motion video data, even when the graphics desktop uses lower color depth. With DSV6422P, a 1MB graphics system can display 8_bit graphics up to 1024x768 resolution, along with 24-bit full-screen motion video.

The DSV6422P VIdeo design will also maximizes motion video performance as well. Because YUV format is more compact than true color RGB, and because each motion video frame is sent across the system bus.Because DSV6422P does scaling on the fly, it reads only the minimum required data from the frame buffer for each screen update, making the best possible use of available bandwidth. DSV6422P's innovative architecture removes bandwidth bottlenecks to display multimedia data at its full speed.


PCI-Bus 64-bit Graphics and Motion Video Playback Accelerator. Design based on ProMotion-6422 Graphics and Video Accelerator chipset. ExpertColor MultiMedia User Interface MMUI Utility for easy configuration within Windows. Software MPEG Utility support for popular playback CD-ROM titles within Windows. Hardware Display Power Mangagement (DPMS)Support for Power Saving Feature Monitors. Support Windows Video Overlay, Scaling at 1024x768 Ture Color MPEG Playback with 1 MB Memory.
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