AGP, PCI, ISA Bus Pentium II Motherboard

DataExpert's Multimedia board MBX8440 is optimized to support 66 and 100MHz host bus
frequences. It's a cutting edge implementation for Slot 1 processors to accommodate 233 to
450MHz CPUs.
System BIOS
Supports Green function, Plug and Play Flash ROM
BIOS supports IDE CD-ROM and SCSI HDD boot-up
Intel 82440BX AGPset
MBX8440 Awarded BEST BUY Recommendation
MBX8440 Awarded
BEST BUY Recommendation

10/1998 (Chinese)
Power Connector
3V, 5V and 12V ATX Power Connector
Intel Pentium II Processor, SLOT 1:
Operating at 233~450MHz
Sound (optional)
Supports Sound Blaster
Pro and Windows Sound
System Compatibility
Built-in 16 Bit Sigma-
Delta stero CODEC
Programmable sampling
rates from 5.5KHz to 48KHz for
recording / Playback
Supports 3D Surround effects
MPU-401 Compatible
MIDI interface
4 *32 bit PCI slots and 3*16 bit ISA Bus slots
All 4 PCI slots support Bus Mastering mode
PCI Rev.2.1 Compliant
PCI-to ISA I/O Bridge with support for 33MHz PCI operations
1*32-bit AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) Slot
100/100MHz and 66/66MHz HOST/DRAM Clocking Configurations
System Memory
3*168 pin DIMM (3.3V EDO DRAM or SDRAM)
Up to 384MB System Memory
ECC Memory Protection
Power Management
Compliant with EPA,
APM 1.2 and ACPI
Resume by Modem Ring-in
Resume by Alarm
Resume by Keyboard / Password (optional)
2 PCI IDE interface on board support ATA spec. up to mode 4, bus master mode and Ultra DMA 33MB/sec
2*16550 UART compatible enhanced serial ports
1* High performance EPP/ECP parallel port functions
1 * Floppy disk drive interface
2 * Universal Serial Bus (U.S.B.)
Ir Jumper (optional)
Supports LS-120 Floppy Disk Drive
Supports 66MHz, BX is also Optimized for Deschutes at 100MHz host bus frequency
System Management Bus (SM Bus) with support for DIMM via Serial Presence Detect (SPD) mechanism
Support Hardware System Monitoring :
CPU/System FAN status monitoring and alarm, CPU voltage, system temperature monitoring
SB-Link Header Supports Creative AWE64D PCI Sound Card
ATX Form Factor
18cm * 30.5cm
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