MPG3365P Specification
S3 64-Bit Video Accelerator & MPEG-1
S3-TRIO 64V+ Windows 95 Plug &Play; Accelerator Card with DDC1/DDC2 support.
S3-CP3 Hardware MPEG-1 Video and Audio Playback Features.
Support Popular Video Playback Formats for MPEG,AVI,CD-i 2.0,&Indeo.;
ExpertColor MediPro Power Tool for DOS/Windows 3.1/Windows 95/Windows NT.
VIDEO for Windows & QuickTime for Windows.

The ExpertColor Series MPG3365P hardware accelerates most standard video playback decommpression algorithms for commerical CD-ROM titles MPEG,Motion JPEG,Indeo,CD-i and other video stream compatible playback device with color space conversion,scaling and dithering to enhance the user interface. The MPG3365P provides Multi-language MediPro Power Tool to configure the desktop effectively and MXP3 Power Panel for easy MPEG Playback.

MPG3365P provides a cost effective Hardware MPEG-1 Audio/Video solution for the PC platform. It works in conjunction with s# TRIO 64V+ graphics accelerator for MPEG-1 video(YUV-RGB) decompressed by S3 CP3 module to VGA with 512K frame buffer. Its MPEG Playback feature functions independent of your PC's processor with full screen playback without any visible degradation.

The MPG3365P provides conversion of YUV data stream to RGB stream for scaling engine to provide up to 4 times the size of the original video image without visible degradation. With its S3 Scenic Highway Direct Interface, it will support high resolution & color quality for Hardware MPEG Playback under Windows.

MPG3365P PCI Video Cards also implement the Intelligent Monitor-sense output with build-in comparators to support the VESA Display Data Channel(DDC2)that permits the trandfer of ID, resolution and refresh rate in bi-directional communication between the Video card and Monitor along to Windows 95 and then will automatically configures the monitor to operate at its optimal level.

MPG3365P provides optional TV Tuner card (NTSC/PAL)which has one external base-band input jacks to connect one inputs sources, including Disc Player or VCRs. Remote Control Kits including the receiver and transceiver support through Serial Port is also available gor remote opteration.
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