DPM5020-4/DMP5020-8 PERMEDIAR 2 AGP VGA Series

Super 3D Acceleration with 100MFlop Geometry Pipeline Processor . WindowsR 95 Plug n Play Accelerator with VESA DDC1/DDC2AB+ support .Integrated 230Mhz RAMDAC for 1600 x 2020 pixel resolution @ 85Hz Refresh rate. Advanced Video Processing for Software MPEG 1 & MPEG 2 at 1024 x 768 high resolution capability with XY scaling and filtering under Windows or full display.Integrated High Speed 4MB or 8MB SGRAM memory for best Performance.4MB SGRAM module support for upgrade to 8MB SGRAM memory on card.

  • AGP x 1 mode 66Mhz operation (266Mbytes/sec) for DMA and Execute mode Texturing support with full sideband addressing, 64-biit SGRAM Super 2D/3D/Video Windows Acceleration.
  • Design based on TI/3DLabs PERMEDIAR 2 with Geometry Pipeline Setup Processor.

Balanced architecture for geometry, polygon and texture processing
1 million polygons/sec. - textured, bilinear filtered with true per-pixel perspective
80 M pixels/sec. - textured, bilinear filtered with true per-pixel perspective

Integrated Hardwired 100MFLOP GLINT Delta - eliminates the geometry bottleneck
100MFlop geometry pipeline processor - ideal for polygon-intensive applications
Reduces CPU load and PCI bus traffic by 70%

Leading mainstream 2D acceleration with 3D pipeline processing
texture units for tiled Blts, Chroma key test for transparent Blts and Bilinear filter for stretch Blts.

Robust 3D functionality for authoring and VRML-based Web-browsing
Fast Heidi acceleration for stunning 3D Studio MAX performance
Fully Direct3D and OpenGL-compliant rendering pipeline.

Advanced 3D rendering for immersive gameplay
High-quality, bilinear-filtered texture mapping at over 30Hz full screen rates
Full screen anti-aliasing
Full alpha-blend translucency and advanced 3D alpha-based compositing
Atmospheric effects and specular texture highlights

Robust Software Drivers - can accelerate almost any 3D application
Full OpenGL Installable Client Driver - for optimum OpenGL performance
Autodesk Heidi drivers for seamlessly accelerated 3D Studio MAX support.
Direct3D and DirectDraw drivers for Windows 95 support.
Optimized Windows NT, Windows 95 and QuickDraw 2D drivers

Memory / Resolution Table

Refresh Rate
640*480*8/16 bpp/True Color V V 220Hz
800*600*8/16 bpp/True Color V V 220/220/153Hz
1024*768*8/16 bpp/True Color V V 220/186/93Hz
1152*860*8/16 bpp/True Color V V 220/144/72Hz
1280*1024*8/16/ bpp/True Color V V 220/110/60Hz
1600*1200*8 bpp V V 153Hz
1600*1200*16 bpp   V 76Hz

BPP = Bits per pixel (8=256 color / 16=High Color)

Full OpenGL Installable Client Driver
Heidi for 3D Studio MAX
Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 95
Direct3D and DirectDraw
QuickDraw3D and RAVE

3D Quality Feature Supported
Fog Vertex V
Specular Highlights V
Colorkey Transparency V
Linear V
Mipmap Linear V
Dithering V
Perspective Correction V
Fog Vertex & Colorkey V

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Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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