• Blazing 3D Graphics Accelerator
    Experience High 3D Performance Display on the screen!

    Blazing 64-bit 3D Graphics RISC core with Triangle Set-up Engine
    Windows 95 DirectDraw and Direct3D Platform Compliance
    On-board 4MB EDO Memory for High Resolution 1024 x 768 x 64K Color
    Supports Software MPEG Player for MPEG-1, VCD 2.0 Interactive , VIDEO for Windows & QuickTime for Windows

Introducing the high Performance PCI 3D ExpertColor Verite 1000, a high-performance controller with a front end RISC engine that propels 3D Game Play to a whole new level of excitement. Together with a whopping 4MB of EDO RAM that supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 64K color, it lets you experience Sharper Graphics and Faster Animation in total 3D Realism and the frame rates you never imagined in your favorite games. All with total Windows 95 compatibility and full support for DirectDraw, Direct 3D and the latest graphics standards.
ExpertColor Verite 1000 also offers perspective correct texture mapping that delivers the most compelling 3D graphics on the PC without annoying visual anomalies like warping, bending or swimming. Bilinear Filtering provides smoother and more realistic appearance 3D images that transcends normal expectations. MIP Mapping reduces blockiness and enhances image quality that is nothing short of amazing on-board. Z-Buffering and the texture memory so it can deliver interactive, real time, 3D graphics like you've never seen before. Anti-Aliasing eliminates visual anomalies and artifacts, providing superior image quality. Highly flexible embedded graphics RISC core with Triangle Setup Engine and powerful pixel pipeline enables lightning fast graphics providing full screen and full color visual scenes that outperforms any other 3D Accelerator VGA.

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